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          A world-class player with a local focus


          A leading specialist, with close ties to the communities it works with

          GL events Exhibitions is the division that specialises in organising trade fairs, exhibitions and general public fairs in France and around the world.

          It has established itself as a leading player, with close ties to the communities it works with.

          The Group's trade fairs address all major economic sectors: industry, construction, culture and leisure, housing, environment, trade and distribution, etc. Particularly strong sectors include fashion and textiles, the agri-food industry, and swimming pools, for which the Group organises leading international events for the professions concerned. This diverse portfolio of sectors is reinforced by the Group's ability to produce events in different countries and the fact it works on both BtoB and BtoC exhibitions.

          The exhibitions affiliated with GL events China cover cities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen, Harbin, Chengdu, etc., annual exhibition area reaches 1 million square meters, which link all industry community and enterprises, promote business connection and transaction.

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