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          GL EVENTS:

          an integrated provider of event solutions & services for cities

          GL events is an integrated Group covering all event-related professions, its core business consists of 3 segments: LIVE, EXHIBITIONS, VENUES. As a top-tier provider of integrated solutions and services for events, GL events is occupying a leading position in the 3 main events markets:
          • Fairs / exhibitions aimed at trade professionals or the general public,
          • Cultural, sporting, political, institutional and corporate events,
          • Conventions, conferences and congresses.
          Based on the philosophy of building first-class MICE destinations, for every single customer served by GL events, with our expertise and passion, we always ensure the delivery of high-quality events in an efficient way, no matter you are a company, an institution, an event organizer or a local governmental authority, to maximize relevant benefits and bring an impetus to level up competitiveness.




          GL events (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

          Room 2201, Cloud Nine Plaza
          No. 1118 West Yan'an Road
          Shanghai, China 200052
          Tel: +86 21 5255 8288
          Fax: +86 21 5255 8299

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